Inconsistent Simple Lighting

Hi, I'm using basic ZWave motion detectors to turn lights off when no motion is detected. From what I can tell, the motion detectors are correctly reporting status. Lighting does not consistently turn off however.

If I walk into the room, turn the lights on, and then leave: The motion will report ACTIVE, and a few minutes later, INACTIVE. In this scenario, the lights seem to respond as predicted.

Now let's say I remotely turn lighting in a room on. If no person ever enters that room, the motion detector reports nothing. If I have a rule to turn lights off after 10min of inactivity, and there is no inactivity to report, the rule never executes. This was never an issue with my old (inferior in every other way) Wink 2 hub. Do I have to tell Hubitat to manually poll the motion sensor?

I'm very new to how Hubitat does things so this is most likely just a misunderstanding of how this hub expects to be worked with.

Hubitat can do this. But not with just the simple lighting automation you’ve described.

For this use case, I would suggest checking out motion lighting instead. It’s more complicated to setup than simple lighting, but that configurability is just one example of what makes hubitat such a powerful home automation hub. Not as user friendly as wink, but from what I’ve heard, that was wink’s selling point at the expense of device selection and automation complexity (hubitat’s strong points).

Motion lighting made sense to me only after I read the documentation carefully and tested it out a bit.

Yeah motion lighting works great once you understand all the options. Just have to test things and see if they do what you think they do lol.

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