Inconsistency with status on switches and dimmers


In the current setup on Hubitat I have 3 switches and 8 dimmers. Some of them updating status in dashboard and rules, after their status changed manually. However, some of them are not. It happens very inconsistently, sometimes status updating, sometimes not. Very unreliable.
I did check to assign drivers, they all same ( i use Leviton Z-Wave switches and dimmers). That creates a big problem with executing rules correctly. This switches and dimmers had no problem with displaying correct status in Wink (1 and 2) environment.
Any suggestion greatly appreciated.


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If you are using non Z-Wave Plus switches and dimmers, you my need to use the Z-Wave Poller app to give more consistent refresh results. Do not use the Z-Wave poller for Z-Wave Plus devices.


Just to clarify, I think he means Z-wave non-plus. You would not need z-wave poller for zigbee switches and those are also non z-wave plus. I know it's semantics but our non-native English speakers might be confused by the subtle difference. Not splitting hairs...I know you know what you meant....just making sure not to confuse anyone. :smiley: :v:


they are not plus, older z wave.


Then you definitely have to use z wave poller (built in app) to get local changes to the switch to show up correctly.


Thank you. It did improved status update, however it is still missing sometimes 1 out 20.