Inactive sensor reporting via notifications seems off? Did i set this up in correctly?

I have a smartthings sensor on my dryer and washer. Since i cant automate it with smart plugs (at least that i know of) since they use different plugs than normal.

I have my notifications set like below

But i get notifications whenever the sensor becomes inactive even if for just a couple of seconds? why isnt it accepting the 10 minute input on the notification settings?

or do i need to use rule machine for this to make it more accurate?

I just tested this, and I'm not getting multiple notifications.

I think your problem is from the repeat. You need to put in an interval for the repeat, and you have none.

so now that i am thinking about it more. i think i have identified the issue. i just need a better way to resolve it.

I think what is happening, is when i close the door to the dryer, it triggers it as active for a split second. then it sits inactive for 10 minutes and then it sends the notification.

I think what i need is a trigger (which i think id have to do through rule machine) that says if the sensor is active for X # of minutes (to indicate it is drying my clothes), and then it sits inactive for X # of minutes, then send the notification. i think this would eliminate the false notifications im seeing.

Yeah, something along those lines. I used to have one of these in a condo, but forget how I did it. The door would definitely trigger the thing.

You could use the rule triggered by active, and then Wait for inactive, then wait for x minutes. If the rule is retriggered while waiting, it cancels the Wait.

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Have you considered Better Laundry Monitor? It looks like it contains logic for watching for multiple vibration sensor events before declaring the drying done.

I just use Better Laundry Monitor for the washer part, although I'm intrigued by the concept of using a vibration sensor. Did you just attach it to the exterior of the dryer? I was thinking to be sensitive enough to trigger that way, it might also trigger when the behemoth washer is on spin, which makes the dryer vibrate a little.

Yes I did, just using the magnet of the sensor itself. I am settings this up as well after my HEM is giving me fits with node-red and hub connect. Yes the washer does set it off.

To fix the "makes dryer vibrate a little" and I'm going to add a timer like Bruce mentions. The washer does spin my dryer a limited amount of time but not for as long as the dryer spins while drying,, so something like...

If sensor "accelerates" for more than 45 minutes and then stops - send "dryer's done"

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