Inactive Motion after 30 seconds

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I have zigbee sonoff motion sensor attached to my c7 hub. Its motion remains active for 2 minutes, however i want the motion's status to turn off after 30 seconds. How can I achieve it?

Right now the lights remain active for 2 minutes because the status of motion remains active for 2 mins.

Please guide.


It's not configurable. Although I think that my testing has the motion update after about a minute...not two.

This is from the product page. I am not 100% sure what it is saying but it sounds like it is a fixed time out that you cannot change. And Yes as @FriedCheese2006 said it is supposed to be 1 minute delay before inactive, and then it also sounds like a 1 minute delay before it will detect motion again after that.

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In rule machine you can just have an action to turn on the light with a trigger of the motion sensor changing from inactive to active. Then add another action to turn the light off with a delay of 30 seconds or whatever time you choose.

This might not work if you are using it for room lighting, though, as it will shut the light off 30 seconds after triggering regardless of motion status

This won't work. If the motion sensor goes 'active', it will not trigger another 'active' event until motion goes back to 'inactive' first. So the motion sensor wouldn't retrigger the first rule until motion stops and starts again (which would be after the 1 minute delay as shown above). The light would end up turning on with motion and just turning off after 30 second every time.

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