In Wall power outlet recommedations


In my server closet, I have one running a UPS. And I have a wattage alert if it dips below my idle threshold or rises above the historical peak.


That’s very helpful.

I saw some monitor only the “smart” port, so I guess I would need four of these things. :expressionless:


Can’t seem to find if that Enerwave one supports beaming or not. I probably don’t know what I am looking at or looking for on the Zwave Alliance page either. :rofl:

I wouldn’t need beaming for all outlets, but I would like them for the ones upstairs for the future smart locks.


It's beaming, but it does only control/monitor power for one of the two outlets. The top outlet is always on. If you need a bunch close together, you may check out the zooz powerstrip. I think that has 5 individually controllable outlets with power monitoring. I was on sale this week as well. It's much cheaper. These enerwave ones are pricey at $50 a piece.



The two pack is $80, so at that price it’s a little bit cheaper than buying the other brands.

The power strip won’t work for plugging in the four UPSes that I need to.

I think those Enerwaves will do just nicely. Going to pick up a set and see how it goes.


Do these enterwaves repeat the signal? My hub is on one side of my house, and with doing away with my zwave and zwave plus fan switches to replace them with Lutron's new fan switches I'll be losing a large chunk of my zwave and zwave plus mesh. I'm looking for outlets in the wall that will repeat the signal to the other side of the house.


According to the Enerwave and the Zwave Alliance pages these do repeat.


Will you post your experience? I have two regular z-wave outlets that I want to replace and also add a couple more, and the Enerwaves look good.


I will, it may be a bit before I can get them installed as I have to power down a bunch of things.


Did you ever get the Enerwaves installed? If so, how are they working?


I installed one in my home and it's working flawlessly. Well worth the buy. I'll be buying more for strategic locations throughout the house to handle various accent lighting.


Has anyone been able to get GE Jasco In Wall zwave outlet to pair. After reset, pairing finds it as a zwave device but it never recognizes as an outlet and does morning progress beyond “initializing”.


I have 7 of them. Probably older than yours, by at least a year. But I don't remember them as being anything to Join to the Hub.


Yes I have several of these in my home. I experienced the initializing issue when I had a weak mesh and ended up having to move the hub closer to get it to pair. If you do this be sure to run a Zwave repair afterwards. Since then I have added more devices and had no issues getting them to initialize.


I have new GE/Jasco outlets. They paired fine as a Generic Z-wave outlet. You can even configure when the LED is on, which was useful for me because its in my bedroom and I don't want it on.


Thank you. Seems anything greater than 10 feet from hub is causing that behavior, but works like a charm now!


I see that setting here....impressive granularity. Thanks for calling it out.


Might I recommend you consider getting a z-wave range extender or two?


Or install more smart switches since mains powered switches are repeaters also. I replaced a bunch of non-plus Zwave with Plus last year when Lowes had them on sale. Believe it was in June so maybe again.


Yup, that's correct.

However, range extenders also amplify the signal. Because there can be no more than 4 hops between the z-wave controller and the z-wave device being controlled, signal amplification helps in specific situations, which may or may not be relevant to @tom.leslie11 home.