In-wall outlet that doesn't leak voltage - seeking recomendation

Can someone recommend an in-wall outlet that doesn't leak voltage and cause LED light strings and other low wattage bulbs to light up when powered off.

Z-wave or Zigbee, though I would prefer z-wave

I have a Leviton VRR15 right now that does cause issues.


Seems like it shouldn't leak voltage unless it was a lamp control device with dimming. If dimming isn't supported, then it should be a simply relay and not leak anything. Does it click when you turn it on and off?

I was about to say any outlet that does NOT support dimming will work, but according to the description of your outlet (it can control appliances and electronics, meaning no dimming), it should work too.


Depends if it uses a neutral wire or not. If no neutral wire, then you are probably out of luck.

If you have a neutral wire, I would have thought most would have worked adequately.

Its an outlet, it has to have a neutral.
I agree that as an appliance module with a relay you would expect this to not be an issue, but that is not the case.

I have run across multiple products with this issue.
GE ZW4201
Older Leviton plugin appliance modules (VRPA1) - the new ones (DZPA1) specifically call out not having this issue.

Duh on my part / Good point. No further suggestions on my part then. Not a problem I've had before.

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The Leviton DZR15-1RW outlet has the exact same issue. If I plug in a LED night light, it lights up (dimly) even when the controlled outlet is off.

The GE Enbrighten Z-Wave plus outlet does not have the issue (at least by my simple test).

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I ordered a GE Enbrighten Z-Wave plus outlet
I will report back.

Confirming the GE outlet does not cause the LED decoration I am using to flash when powered off like the Leviton did.

thanks again for the suggestion.

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:+1: Glad that worked out for you!