In need of notification tile which I can push to reset

A bit hard to squeeze the gist into the title but I trying to get a tile which I can turn on/change colour when triggered by a rule or sensor, and remain "on" until I touch it to reset it to off. Of course at other times tapping the tile will do nothing.

Essentially a virtual switch tile that has no "on" functionality except via a rule or sensor.

Any ideas?

The best I could offer is using the notification app or driver Follow Me by Bryan. It doesn't offer you a switch type functionality, more so display of text notifications. I set one up to receive notifications for when the washing was done, then created a virtual switch that cleared the notifications, placing both of these on a dashboard.

I'm not sure how easy it may be to have a switch type tile that always defaults to off when you press it.

I was thinking aloud a bit :grinning: I could do it with a combination of node red + omni sensor tile but didn't want want to create a separate 'reset button' if I can help it.

I was trying to use tile master but couldn't set up a virtual button on the tile for some reason, I could alternatively go the inelegant route of superimposing 2 tiles I suppose. I'll give tile master another go later.

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