In a 3 way switch, one smart the other one dumb

How does the dumb, slave one work? If you turn that one off does the app recognize it’s off? If u turn the dumb one on does it turn on to the last dimmed state of the smart one or 100% brightness.

Thank you

Depends on the brand of the smart switch.

I’m looking at zooz

The answer is yes. I have several 3 ways with Dumb switches. Can turn either switch on or off and it will report.

No Inovelli is the way to go these days. Just change main power switch with Inovelli switch and leave the Dumb switch.

As long as it is a switch, and not a dimmer, I agree. I simply can not recommend/endorse dimmers being done that way.

I think it is exceptionally bad end user experience to have one switch that dims and one that does not on the same lights.

What about dimming

Okay, thank you

@frmWink2Hubitat I totally agree with @JasonJoel

The Homeseer and GE add-on switch allows for full dimming control from the add-on switch but obviously it more expensive than a regular switch.

This is what our ZEN26 and ZEN27 models do :slight_smile: No need to rewire the switch on the other side, whether it's 3-way or 4-way. These have been out for about a year now.

With the ZEN27 dimmer you can dim from the smart switch or Z-Wave / through voice control and the on/off switch on the other side will turn the light back on to the last brightness level.

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