IMO, the C8 yet agains becomes the best of the best market HUB value

Just got the new C8, easy migration from C7.
138 devices.
Old user (literally 62, so be nice smart young people) but avid home automation enthusiast going on 7 years. Started with the "gateway drug"; wifi - soon, adios. Then went Wink, you how that went. Went SM and about 4 years back bought my first C5 and never looked back. Just made the migration
from C7 to C8, 20 minutes tops. Not a speed bump. The VERY first attempt and for the very first time in 7 years - zwave repair ran fast and all 138 devices checked in fine - zero errors.

This was on the C8, first try. You guys are an amazing company and make life better - thank you. jj


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