Image size reduced in latest version

I have an icon image in the top left tile for each of my dashboard pages, "home", "heating", "settings" etc to show what page I'm on. Until the latest update they all nicely filled the tile space, but now they are about 1/3rd the size and not even central on the tile but on the centre of the top edge. Are there now setting options for image size/position or has the update just ruined my carefully crafted dashboard look?!!

The image tile now fits larger images the icon inside the tile and was a bug. If you want to post the URL to the image I can confirm what I think is going on.

@Patrick this is the image link


So, here's the situation. Before the icon was being sized to fit which was not the intended effect and was considered a bug. However, you your case you were using it as a "feature".

The intent of the image tile is to display an image at its normal size and only scale it down to fit the tile if its larger than the tile.

I've noted a feature request to allow image tiles to scale to fit its tile as a feature request down the road.

Another feature request that might merge with this is the ability to set a tile background image and not just a color, this would allow for stretch and cover to be options in how the image would scale to fit the tile.


OK, thanks, I understand what is happening and how to solve it. I love the idea of customisable background image for a tile.

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