I'm tired of [jobs-failed:1] messages :-(


I'm at my wits end... I have Hubitat set up to work with Schlage lock. I have set some lock cods, but other times, when I try to set up a code, I get "name [jobs-failed"1] messages. I tried over and over again... even to delete my request and re-do and it still fails.

What am I doing wrong and how can I prevent this from happening in the future when I am away from home (where the door locks are).

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I don't have a Schlage, but of course you've probably seen that they have a long history of flakiness. There's no way to know that you're seeing flaky behavior or flaky mesh. The results would be quite similar.

LCM isn't doing any real work, it's just a dispatcher. Have you used the Device Info page to "manually" enter the codes? LCM isn't going to work BETTER than the manual method. In fact it's fair to say it uses the exact method.

You want to use the Set Code button filling in all 3 values before clicking the button. Then you can click the Delete button for that code position and try it a few more cycles. You should see the same level of fails. Again, this doesn't distinguish between flaky lock and flaky mesh, but it cuts LCM right out of the picture. :slight_smile:


Thank you csteele for your reply and suggestion.

I did follow the instructions that you gave and still nothing is working... is there something else that is holding this up?



If you’re unable to save lock codes successfully from the device settings page directly, then as @csteele said you can forget about Lock Code Manager, because that’s not where the problem lies.

That leaves the device itself, or the mesh network it relies on to communicate with Hubitat.

Does the device otherwise work as intended? i.e. can you lock/unlock from the device page without issues? Or do those commands sometimes (or frequently) fail as well?

Also, is this a z-wave or zigbee device?

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So you were able at times to program lock codes? I have seen where if you didn't clear all codes after pairing the lock to Hubitat where it could do this.

What slot are you trying to program codes into, from memory I think the first couple are reserved for the factory codes.

Lastly, does the lock communicate consistently? What does your Z-wave details page look like? Any ghosts or weak signals apparent? (you can post a screenshot of this page if you want us to analyze it)

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You've been around for more than a year and so I imagine you've seen the messages where we see a weak mesh symptom and how to cure it.

Your Routing info column found on the ZWave Details screen of Settings tells a lot, as does the Stats column. You should look for (and cure) any ghosts or devices that didn't complete the Inclusion process. (Blank Route or a Discover button)

You can follow along on the ride found in this topic:

as we explore another's mesh issues.


Thank you all... it's all over my head because I do not understand some points...

How do I do: can you lock/unlock from the device page without issues?

How do I know I have ghost or weak signals?

What am I looking for on the Z-wave details page?

Yes, I do have Z-wave...

I have an important thought... given this situation, what guarantee do I have if I need to add/delete/change the locks while I am away from the house???

Thank you for all what you can do for me...


Start with posting a screenshot of your Z-wave details page. If the forum won't let you post pictures, please join the owners group by clicking here Hubitat

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  1. Go to the device page for the lock (see @csteele's example above).
  2. Click unlock. Does the lock unlock?
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Click lock. Does the lock lock?
  5. Wait 30 seconds and go to step 2. Repeat a total of 5 times.

If the lock unlocked and locked on all 5 occasions, then it can been controlled from the device page with no issues.


Well, unless you have a VPN into your home network, a Remote Admin subscription, or a cloud-based workaround like the variable Dashboard tile one floating around here, you can only do this from home anyway. :slight_smile:

But the best solution is to figure out why it's not working. Troubleshooting the device and the mesh network it relies on is a good first step, and yoive got some help above that should get you started! Older Z-Wave locks are notoriously problematic. I'm not sure what exact model you have, but it may be one. Most people can still make them work, it seems. (I have one and it's pretty good aside from the hub occasionally not getting the message that it's locked when it is. Pairing was also tricky, but you must be past that step.)


Is this what is needed???

I await more assistance... :wink:

You have a single z-wave device?

Your experience with the lock is not going to be good. Locks are sleepy devices that wake up periodically for a short time. They are designed to operate like this to prevent radio operation from draining the battery.

Communication from the hub to the lock will fail if the lock happens to be sleeping at the moment of contact. For this reason, it is best to have multiple repeaters that support "beaming" for use with locks. Beaming repeaters will attempt to retransmit communications to the lock until it is received/acknowledged.

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Here's the latest...

I couldn't unlock/lock from where I am with my laptop. However, if I take the laptop to near where the hubitat unit is, it works.

Before I can congratulate myself, I did take the laptop to near where the hubitat unit to add/delete the codes - and it didn't click at all. Weak signal or ???

As for setting codes away from home, I do have a Hubitat subscription if that matters.

Again, I await further assistance and I continue saying thank you!!! :wink:


Aaiyar is spot on. You don't have enough repeater devices to make this work. The intermittent nature of the commands you sent just prove that you have a weak signal.

So the advice is "get repeaters".

And just to clarify, most wall powered devices and light switches can be a repeater. It doesn't have to be a dedicated repeater. If you want a Z-wave light switch or Z-wave outlet (or two) somewhere between the hub and lock, you can do so instead of something like the Ring Range extender repeaters.


What and where do I get the repeaters???

This has got to be coincidence; the position of your laptop does not matter (unless you happen to loose your laptop's connection to your home Wi-Fi or however you're networking it). The commands that matter are sent from your hub to the lock over Z-Wave, which would be the same no matter where you do it (except that you do have a weak mesh, or really none, and it's possible you just happened to be in a bad spot that blocked it before :smiley: ).

As mentioned above, nearly any mains-powered Z-Wave device is a repeater. Therefore, if you have a use for a smart plug, smart switch/dimmer, or even a smart thermostat or some (USB-powered or otherwise non-battery) motion sensors, one of those will do. There are a lot of Z-Wave smart plugs out there. There are also dedicated "repeater only" devices, but the others exist so that you shouldn't technically need these (but they can still be nice for various reasons: appearance, cost, ease of placement, etc.).

If you want specific recommendations, I recently bought this outlet from this site:

There is also this repeater-only device:

...among many other options. (I'm just steering you towards trusted brands and 700-series devices for now, which are likely to be the best bet getting started. :smiley: )


Before going too much further, I would suggest reading up on some of the basics of how the hub works with z-wave devices.

This page from the hub documentation, for example, might help clarify a few things for you:


I recommend the Ring V2 Extenders. You can get them on Amazon.

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That's a good option, too! However, I was hesitant to recommend it here because the OP is using a C-5 (or perhaps earlier) hub based on the screenshots above. As you probably know, many Ring v2 devices have problems pairing without S2, which these hubs do not support, so I'm not sure if it would work.

It would probably at least function fine as a repeater as long as it joins the network, even if other capabilities don't work (e.g., power source reporting--and the Ring extenders are particularly nice if they do work since they have battery backups!) ... but not sure if I'd recommend this off the bat unless someone knows for sure.


Thank you for enlightening me...

I'm now looking for a ring-extender (I will answer the below posted response to me).

The two devices (hub and the door lock) are on different sides of a common wall. So, if I have a ring-extender installed, must it be in the line of sight to each device? Or, where do I put the ring-extender as I am limited with the wall outlets to plug the ring-extender in? Can the ring-extender be placed anywhere (even through different walls) because its function is to transmit the stronger radio waves between the two devices?

Thank you...

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