I'm Hearing Clicking

Of course, it could just be me, but I'm hearing clicking at very haphazard times from what could be some Centralite zigbee plugs.

The lights don't seem to turn on/off, there's nothing in Events, and nothing in Debug log (since it shuts itself off after 20 minutes, or whatever).

They only have some Christmas lights plugged in, and they aren't warm.

As I said, it could just be me. :slight_smile:

Go to settings, Zigbee and open zigbee logs when you hear this clicking to make sure it’s not spamming your mesh. The clicking could be the outlet going bad.


I just went to the Zigbee log, maybe for the first time, lol. Without actuating, the Centralites seem to report in every five minutes as well as the Hue motions. The two SmartThing arrival sensors though, every 20 seconds, lol.

I might try putting a Centralite plug close to where I usually hang out in the evening to see if I can hear anything. It's very sporadic though, and I can't imagine a click without the relay operating and lights going on and off, along with an event entry.

I have 6 or so around my house and they also report about that frequency.