Ilumin bulb security mismatch

How do I change the security on an Inovelli Ilumin bulb. I have two added to Hubitat. One joined as “none” and the other is “SO.” They were joined within a couple minutes of each other. I’m trying to set up direct association between an LZW31-SN and the two bulbs which is not going well. They do not stay in sync and popcorn so I’m assuming differing security may be the issue. I excluded the SO bulb and tried again but it is still SO and there is no obvious to me way to change it. They are about six ft apart and take very different paths back to the hub.

I also tried to set them up as a group to be controlled by the lzw31-sn but Hubitat apparently doesn’t support “start lowering” and “start raising” for groups.

@tinypocket had a workaround for this.

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