Illuminance Tracking

Any one have any ideas or know of any apps I could leverage to track the lux value from a sensor over time? Was thinking I could us IFTTT to report a lux value change to a google docs. However, there doesn't look to be an IFTTT hubitat trigger for brightness yet. Basically I'm trying to see what range of LUX values a sensor reads throughout the day. Using aeon multisensor 6

  1. the multisensor 6 is terrible for this purpose. Do you plan on walking by it every few minutes to get the lux to update? Replace with a Philips Hue Motion Sensor direct paired. Only sensor I'm aware of currently (please someone chime in with options) that actually updates Lux based on lux changes and doesn't require the other sensors to be triggered to then trigger the lux update

  2. Try the influxDB app for this. Sounds like a great use case for influx with graphana

As you asked for people to chime in then how about the Fibaro Motion Sensor. These have quite a few parameters that can be set by the user. Also report temperature and vibration/acceleration.

InfluxDB logging of lux..

I'm using two aeon multisensor 6 devices to drive lights on both sides of my house. The only trick to getting the LUX to perform correctly is to make sure you have them plugged in. Otherwise there is a restriction of 5 minutes (I think) between reporting. When I get home I'll post my InfluxDB graphs.

They are very good. Still don't update Lux in realtime like the Hue. However you can adjust the lux update period to be a very low number which gets it close :slight_smile:

Hmm. Mine do. This one is configured to report every 5 minutes. It will do so ONLY if there is a different level to report. I have had them configured to report on every level change but this could be a few times a minute so I have set for every 5 mins.

Thanks all! Looks like fun! Getting the unraid docker containers now.

Every 5 minutes is not realtime. Every level change as you said you have had is realtime. Question is the MS-6 powered or battery? On battery it won't do realtime. I suppose for logging purposes it's possible to setup power to a device for a test period but for day to day lighting control based on Lux power is not always available.

Here is a graph of both of my sensors LUX updates. They are plugged in and not running on battery. The Aeon multisensor 6 is fine for this, though it is a bit expensive. There is a custom driver out on the boards which will let you set the reporting level of LUX down to 1 as well.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am using them for LUX monitoring to drive lighting in my house. One for the East end and one for the West end. I have them set so that in either overcast or twilight hours, they will turn on room lamps/lights at appropriate levels. They work very well for me. YMMV.

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I am using a simple rule in Rule Machine to do exactly that.

I then have an applet in IFTTT to record the value to a Google Sheet. From there you can do whatever you want with it. Works quite well.