Illuminance drops under

Am I missing something? I should expect something in the dropdown as Illuminance drops under a value (for a 1 time trigger). When I use < or <= each time the illuminance is changing the rule is fired

If you're wanting this for turning a light on, check out Room Lights instead of using Rule Machine.

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It does depend on the use case. I have used lux to control the closing of my blinds and transitioning to Evening mode for my lighting. But like Bruce suggested, if it is just for lighting, then Room Lighting would be easier.

There are a couple of ways to handle this in RM, but the one that I have chosen for closing my blinds each night is to use a combination of the built-in (private) boolean for the rule, a required expression and a time-of-day condition:

I then have a second rule to reset this private boolean each night:

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no, it is for closing the blinds in the evening, will look at @sburke781 his solution

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Again, Room Lights will do this more simply.


Simple example, closes the "Shade" when illuminance drops below 20:

Rule Machine is more like a Swiss Army knife: It can do just about anything, but isn't the tool to use for everything. Other apps are often better suited.


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