Ikea tradfri signal repeater with xiaomi/aqara water sensor

Can someone guide me how to connect my xiaomi/aqara water sensor to hubitat via Ikea tradfri signal repeater Please. I currently have

  1. 3 ea Ikea tradfri signal repeater connected to my Hubitat
  2. 6 ea xiaomi/aqara water sensor Connected to my Hubitat
    but due to the distance between my HE & Sensors some of my sensors keep disconnected from HE therefor i wanted to use Ikea repeater.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I have always had difficulty with the Aqara water sensor. I believe (though I'm not sure), it's because it's radio is "pointed" down, instead of up.
You just have to put in the Ikea repeater, and give it a day or two for the Zigbee mesh to settle down. Then re-add (in place) the Aqara water sensor. it should find the nearest repeater to go to the hub.
You can check if each of your Ikea Repeaters are attached to your mesh via the following procedure:

  1. go to settings -> zigbee settings -> logging -> turn on zigbee logging
  2. goto your device page for the ikea repeater; press either of the two buttons on the page
  3. go back to your zigbee logging page, and see if you have any signals from that device
    No signals = not on mesh

I have found that sometime the Aqara devices needs to be activated a few times during the pairing process, so by using a for instance a Dupont cable for these water sensors might work.

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You can't force a device to use a specific Zigbee repeater. Zigbee devices choose what they think is the best route, but following the above advice is probably the best you can do (adding the repeater, waiting a day or two for the network to see that it is "good"--and I'd recommend checking the Zigbee logs mentioned above to make sure you don't see bad LQIs or RSSIs, and there are also some posts here that explain incost/outcost which I think are part of the route evaluation).

Is this the only repeater on your network? You could consider adding another of so (it's hard to know where dead spots are since we can't see 2.4 GHz with our eyes and can mostly guess based on distance and obstructions). Perhaps more importantly, you may want to make sure you don't have any "Xiaomi-unfriendly" repeaters on the same network. This includes most Zigbee repeaters, but the Ikea ones are all good as far as people have reported. Even if it manages to pair through the Ikea repeater (you can probably see this on the http://YourHubIP/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo page right after pairing), there's no guarantee it will stay there. Zigbee devices constantly re-evaluate routes and may change based on what they think is better, though all of my Xiaomi devices seem quite hesitant to change routes and would rather just fall off the network (perhaps your experience as well).

I'm sure you've read this thread (or at least the first post), but if not, it's pretty much required reading if you use these non-standard devices on Hubitat: Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

Good luck!


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