Ikea Outlets & Alexa

Could anyone please advise how IKEA Zigbee outlets can be discovered by Amazon Alexa?
They are ticked in Amazon Echo Skills, but they are not discovered by Echo Show.
Do I have to have another Alexa device with Zigbee built in?

In the Amazon Alexa mobile app on your phone, have you enabled the Hubitat Skill? Doing so will automatically install the correct app on your Hubitat hub, and then allow you to select devices. For additional devices in the future, you simply add them to the Hubitat "Amazon Echo Skill" app on your hub and they will automagically appear in Alexa.

Note, not all devices are compatible with the Hubitat Skill for Alexa. Switches, Dimmers, Motion Sensors, and Contact Sensors are all supported. Thermostats are not, nor are temperature sensors.

Thanks ogiewon.
Yes, Hubitat skill enabled, but still no recognition of the 2 new IKEA outlets, although tiles set up on one dashboard

Problem over. I toggled "Exclude Hubitat Integrated Hue Devices" "On"/ "Off" and the Zigbee devices are now showing on Amazon Alexa.
Don't understand why, though!!

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That's a weird one, for sure. Glad you figured out a workaround to get things flowing.

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