IIKEA blind event log

Was poking around in the event logs, not knowing what most of it meant. One thing I noticed that seems odd is there are a lot of lastCheckin events for every one of my 12 IKEA blinds. Some are spaced 2 seconds apart, and others vary between a minute and 10 minutes. This seems excessive. Is the blind the DEVICE doing the Checkin?

I have no idea what the source DEVICE is, other than the blind itself. So, is it the blind performing this Checkin, or is it the repeater checking in?

I am using the driver from @a4refillpad

That's just an event showing that a message was received from the blind to the hub. You can remove the line from the driver that shows this event if you don't like to see the events. But it will not mean that the zigbee messages aren't happening in the background. I don't see any idle activity on mine unless I send it commands or there is a battery update.
It is much more likely you have written some rule that does something and is sending a command to the blinds like "on motion" tell blinds to close. Try disabling all your rules abd see if it still happens. If it does then try re-adding it to zigbee and remember to hit initialise.

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Just checked the event logs for every blind. They all are back to reporting normally.

What changed?

Solar flares?

Seriously, other things had priority. I was checking another device log and noticed this blind is behaving. I did nothing.