IFTTT Thermostat control

My electric company recently broke the connectivity between their provided thermostat and their network. Since they no longer provide thermostats to customers and it's out of warranty they won't do much to fix the connectivity. I'm looking at getting a Zigbee thermostat. My electric company is integrated with IFFTT. Is it possible to use the IFFTT integration with them and Hubitat to set the temperature of my thermostat? They integrate with a few wifi thermostats but I was looking into Zigbee and Zwave as a secondary option.

If you don't have an app that can control the thermostat, IFTTT won't be able to control it. IFTTT uses the open API's of the devices to interconnect. Your best bet is either get a Honeywell T6 z-wave or GoControl. Neither require cloud access and HE can fully control them. Probably better than most.

Can I use the IFTTT triggers through HE to control those?

As long as ifttt can log into your thermostats cloud api then you should... (Provided their recipes allow it on the ifttt side). That said though, you're relying on external cloud service and that's never good. Even with things like alexa and google, those are simply secondary controllers and should never be used as primary devices. Your thermostat is pretty important so relying on what seems like an iffy cloud setup would worry me

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