IFTTT newbie - loading devices

Hi folks, I've used IFTT before but all new to Hubitat. Want a simple routine so I can have a Hubitat control a number of Teckin wifi plugs.
Assume I need a virtual device so made thie V1 just to test. Smart life app shows the teckin wifi plugs.
I loaded the Hubitat App and authorised the V1 switch
Went to IFTT loaded the hubitat skill and the Smart Life skill

Searched hubitat within IFTTm new applet. Selected trigger of 'When switched on' and then in the select field it just sits there saying loading. I need to see the V1 virtual switch here before I move on to anything else.

The hubitat App says it's available in IFTT integration app and within IFTT it says hubitat status is active

What am I doing wrong ?

Help appreciated.

when you add a new thing to any IFTTT service, you need to re-log in thru IFTTT to that service to update the list to include the new devices.

Hi thanks for the reply. I've logged out of IFTT and back in again - is that what you mean ? makes no difference.
Logged out of Hubitat, logged out of IFTT, Logged back into Hubitat, checked the IFTT app and the virtual switch is there. Logged into IFTT and Hubitat is in active status. Create but same issue of not being able to find any devices (well actually just sits on 'loading'

Any other ideas ? Do I ned to remove the Hubitat service from IFTT and rejoin it ? I'll try that now just to see.

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