I click Connect in my IFTTT account, and get the error “Could not connect service.”

Is your hub updated with the new firmware? I got the same error this morning before I updated.

It is. I updated it about 20 minutes before trying to connect to IFTTT.

Hmm, did you get prompted for hubitate username/password, then after entering see your hub and select it, and then got the error? That was my experience before the update. I will say I got sidetracked after the update and did not connect for more than an hour after my 1st failed attempt? Maybe a reboot, and try again,

Nope, just clicked connect, and error, no auth ever popped up. I’ll reboot tonight and see if that fixes it. Thanks for the ideas!

Have you received that error more than once?

Yeah, even after logging out, new browser, etc.

Did you try connecting directly from the Hubitat service page or while trying to install an applet?

Are you located in the US?

I logged into IFTTT, authenticated via email (diff than my hubitat gmail account) then found the Hubitat app, clicked connect, get error.

I am not able to add the Hubitat Service to my IFTTT account either. Here is what I get:

I’m assuming you’ve upgraded the hub to the latest version.

Are you getting that error before you see the login screen?

Are you connecting using a mobile device or their website?

  • Yes, I upgraded to 707 last night.
  • I have added the IFTTT App to my Hubitat hub already, and selected some devices.
  • I then connect to IFTTT using Chrome on Windows 10, and log into IFTTT with my pre-existing IFTTT account.
  • I then attempt to add Hubitat as a new service, which causes a Hubitat login screen to appear.
  • I enter my credentials, wait a few seconds, and the Red ‘Could not connect service’ Banner appears for a few seconds, and then disappears.
  • Further attempts result in the same Red Banner, but no further Hubitat login prompts.

I have tried on multiple Windows 10 computers, using Chrome and Edge.
I have rebooted my Hubitat Hub.
I have removed and readded the IFTTT App on my Hubitat hub.

Feels like I am missing something obvious…

I think the problem is that you manually installed the IFTTT App.

The App gets installed automatically when you connect to the service through IFTTT.

Correction: Manually installing the IFTTT app in Hubitat and then connecting the service isn’t necessary, but it shouldn’t cause any problems.

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Thank you! I had to remove the IFTTT App from my hub, then I had to reboot the hub, and then finally IFTTT was able to add the Hubitat Service.

Thanks for the quick assist!


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I installed the IFTTT App, then didn't have a chance to connect to the Hubitat service, just read this thread, so I deleted the IFTTT App, rebooted the Hub, and then went to IFTTT.com to connect to the service.

After selecting the devices and clicking "Authorize" I got a 500 error:

EDIT: It seems to have installed anyhow. I found that the IFTTT Hubitat App was installed, so I tried making an IFTTT Applet ("Tap to turn on a Hubitat device") which didn't work correctly until I configured the IFTTT Hubitat App toggled off all devices, reselected and saved.

I'll post back here again if anything else wonky happens, but the 500 error was unexpected, of course.

I did the following:

  1. installed the Hubitat IFTTT Integration app
  2. Selected two devices and saved.

Then read the comments here, and with trepidation…

  1. Went to IFTTT added the Hubitat service
  2. Allowed the devices
  3. Created an applet

I’m please to say that, it worked the first time. Hope these steps are helpful to someone else. I’ve setup notifications for the Aeon HEM V1 Laundry driver, and it takes only 3 seconds to respond. Very pleased with this integration.

NOTE: I use LastPass, and when it popped up the first time on the IFTTT website to authorize my Hubitat hub with the correct credentials, it auto selected them, but I noticed that my Hubitat community credentials also appeared as an option. I can see if a password manager (or the browser), or a user were to mistakenly select the wrong login credentials, this could cause errors.

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I am getting an error while trying to setup IFTTT on my new hub. I make it through step 5 of the directions (Hubitat™ IFTTT Documentation), but when I click my hub and hit select I get the “Could not connect service” error. Any advise?

Edit: This error seems to have disappeared after the hub update.

I'm getting the same error tonight when trying to setup IFTTT. I've tried the setup both ways of installing the local app first / rebooting / deleting and then trying to setup the connection, but I keep getting:

Could not connect service

Had the same problem. Removing the earlier installed@HE IFTTT integration app and reboot allowed me to add my HE hub@IFTTT portal and the app installed itself on the hub again.
\ Just to share my experience and let someone save some time.