If thermostat is not in away

Is there a way for me to create a rule starting with the condition:
"if (contact 1, or contact 2 are open) AND (thermostat is not in away mode)"

I am not able to add the second part to my condition to check thermostat state.

What thermostat do you have?
Are you setting the Thermostat mode per presence mode? If so, couldn't you key off of that?

I have Nest. I have My Next Manager ([RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® Tstats, Protects and Sensors: all Nest attributes available (home/away, motion detection, setTargetHumidity, setHotWaterBoost) for automation-and no throttling!) to manage my Thermostat in Hubitat.

I think that your OR condition would need to be nested. Might be easier to use a local boolean and separate your conditions.

IF contact 1 OR contact 2 = open, boolean1 = True
IF thermostat is not in away AND boolean1 = True, then do actions.

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Is the problem that you are having that “Away” is not an option under Mode for the thermostat, as in this example?


@Sebastien , thanks that is just what I was looking for. The Rule creating screens are not the most user friendly, and hence I could not reach that dialog box easily in my logic. Found it now..thanks!

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