If/Then On/Off

So, I have a "Sleep Mode" that will go and turn off all our lights, put down our shades, set up the bedroom, etc for the night. The process was very slow, so with Rule 4.0, I am doing If/Then, to determine If the light is on, turn it off, if not, move to the next one. Its very fast.

Question. Not using a rule or anything to determine if something is on or off, If a light is off and you tell hubitat to turn off the light, does it still send the command or will hubitat not send it since its already off?

Rule 4.0 example

It sends it any time you tell it to. If off, it still sends an off to the device.

Well, that is how most drivers work anyway... Technically it is up to the driver - a driver could check its own status and not send the command if duplicate, but I definitely don't do that in any of my drivers... Can't say I've ever noticed that type of behavior in any ST drivers I've reviewed either.

Thanks for the information

The interesting side effect of that is that checking status before sending it in an RM could make some things faster - especially if the radio is busy.

I've had hubitat for a while now and its definitely sped up the sleep mode routine. I think when I interject battery operated zwave devices is when it slowed down, atleast it seemed like it.

With this, I capture all the lights/blinds locations before it goes into sleep mode, in case we decide to stay up a bit I can reverse it. But its lighting fast now, it took up to 5 minutes before and now its all less than 30 seconds.

Maybe you guys could build the logic into the drivers? or an option too?

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