If Temperature(s) are not in line with averages (or the thermostat) circulate air

This could be set to fire only between sundown and sun up (to keep comfy sleeping conditions) but you'll note the one sensor is comparing if it's "too far above" the thermostat, that is in our kitchen to help cool things when we cook and/or entertain. The other rules are comparing against @Cobra's excellent average tool.

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@ChrisUthe, I am actually building this one but I want to only run this 10 minutes an hour. Anyone have any advice on how to have this run for 10 minutes and then wait another 20 for a total of 30, but return the thermostat back to auto(fan)?

It's not letting me post my image. Not sure if this is because it is my first post.

Select actions for true
Repeat every 30 minutes(STOP)
Thermostat - Hallway:
Fan setting on
Stop Actions: : Delay 10 minutes (Cancel)

False is just return to auto

I updated my rule to have a 3 minute delay in turning off, including cancel if truth changes to avoid rapidly cycling the furnace fan.

@kschauffler I will put together an example of how to do that here and post it.