If Predicate is false, and Endpoint is called

If Predicate is false, and local Endpoint is called...
(With the Endpoint being a trigger)
Will the rule run?
I think not, if so, what is the workaround?

Predicate has to be true in order for the rule to execute.

That is the purpose of a predicate.

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That is my understanding as well, so there really is no work around.

Not using the predicate as a predicateā€¦ Depending on what the OP is trying to accomplish, using the predicate as a condition after the trigger might though.

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Stated predicate is false, so there's that. End point is trigger.

Just remove the predicate. Add if statement to rule.

Just for fun.
How do I run a rules actions, from another hub?

A local endpoint trigger is probably the easiest way; otherwise, you could create a virtual device (like a virtual button) and use it as a trigger (say, the button 1 pushed event--or whatever works for your device). But given that these are all triggers, neither works around the false-predicate issue. From the same hub, you could invoke a Rule's actions from a custom app using the Rule Machine API, but this is not possible across hubs (at least not without writing a pair of custom apps to do exactly that).

If this is a problem for your Rule's current configuration, it may be helpful to share its setup, and someone can probably suggest something that will help. In many cases, that may be as simple as moving the predicate rule (formerly called "predicate condition") to an IF rule THEN in the actions ("rule" in this lowercase sense again previously being called "condition").

EDIT: Another thought occurred to me...if the predicate is a problem for your "real" Rule, you can work around this by creating another Rule, that trigger that Rule from the second hub however you want (local endpoint, virtual device, etc.). Then, in the actions for this second/new Rule, run the actions for the original Rule. This will work because the second Rule is specifically running the actions of the first, not triggering it, and that does not depend on the predicate.


This is an appropriate method.
I did not think of this.
Thank you @bertabcd1234 !

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