If is True but still shows false?!

I haven't checked additional logging options but has anyone seen this before?

It's in the original rule machine (legacy) and I haven't recreated it in the newer version of RM.

I believe you're referring to your first IF-THEN statement all conditions showing (T) but overall (FALSE). If you look at the very last condition shown in your image,
Time between Sunrise-30 minutes and Sunrise (T)
You also have that condition in your first IF-THEN except you include the NOT condition. The NOT actually makes that condition false even though it isn't shown that way and the overall becomes FALSE. I'm not a big fan of how that works but that's what you're seeing.


That is just how logic statements work. A "NOT true" is false when the condition is true. The parenthetic "(T)" or "(F)" just evaluates the specific condition. The follow on "(FALSE)" evaluates the entire expression.

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There are two way to do a NOT condition here. The first way I list is to use the NOT [condition] within IF-THEN.
The second way is to create the NOT condition
Looking at how the condition are shown, I prefer the NOT condition over the NOT [condition]

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Well, in the second example, the entire condition is indeed false. In the first, you are saying "NOT" a condition. If the condition is true, then the expression evaluation of the not condition is false.

Method one just requires the creation of one condition when you want to use it both ways. Method two requires a separate condition be created for either condition. I prefer method one when I am using multiple If Then's that require both true and false situations. Just have to remember how the logic of expressions vs logic of conditions work.

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not sure what the issue is here.

NOT Time between Sunrise-30 minutes and Sunset

break this into 2 parts
NOT | Time between Sunrise-30 minutes and Sunset

the (T) is letting you know the condition Time between Sunrise-30 minutes and Sunset is true, then the NOT would make it false. since your IF statement is A & B & NOT C & D, and A/B/C/D are all true, the NOT C will make it T/T/F/T, ultimately being false

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I believe the issues is stated in the OP title but the OP should clarify. Everything in the IF-THEN statement shows as T but the overall is FALSE. Perhaps the OP didn't realize (or didn't remember) that NOT [condition (T)] would make the overall IF-THEN FALSE. If this is confusing to the OP then something to make it more apparent would be to use NOT condition instead. This would show at a quick glance that there is something in the IF-THEN that's F. I prefer the NOT condition, they're free after all, but to each their own.


Thank you all for jumping in and helping me understand!!

True I was misreading the statement with all conditions true and will go back and tweak this one condition.

Only funny that this rule works so well except for this one piece and I was thinking it was a bug in the rule lol. Should have known better ha!