If I could sell 5x centralite plugs (zigbee+zwave) for $100 should I? Upgrade to zigbee 3.0?

I don’t have any z wave items….yet!

In my humble opinion, the real value of those plugs was that they were both Zigbee and Zwave Plus. However, if you're not using the zwave part, then there are many other alternatives.

Hubitat does not implement Zigbee 3.0 at the moment, and ZHA 1.2 and Zigbee 3.0 are forwards/backwards compatible (and Hubitat staff have hinted in the past that they don't think the changes are that noteworthy, so I wouldn't count on it happening in the short term--or being a big deal either way). So, you would definitely not get any benefit from a Zigbee 3.0 device at the moment, regardless of if/how it may matter down the road. Just in case that is of any importance to your decision. :slight_smile:

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The centralites work really well even if you do not use the zwave bit so are worth keeping if you have them. I guess they are a bit bulky nowadays so it depends on your use-case.

Thank you

All mine are hidden

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As are mine for the most part...