If contact open (Check every 10 mins)

How can I create a rule that once a contact is open, it checks every 10 mins if its still open, send notification

and to only send notification after the first 10 mins have passed and still open. (No notification when it first opens)

My kid forgets to close our deep freezer door some times all the way and need a way to alert me it it stays open. (Its usually closed almost all the way the seal just was not pressed firmly enough)

My contact is already set perfectly for detecting this. Just need to create the rule now.

You can build a rule that

Condition: Contact Open

  1. Delay 10 minutes
  2. Repeat action every 10 minutes (cancel on truth change on)
  3. Send notification

That should do exactly what you want


that what I needed, I kept looking for something about timer. I found the delay /repeat. thanks. (I have it working is ST / Webcore and just trying to move all my rules into HE so I dont have to keep my ST linked.

Make sure you use cancel on truth change for both actions...


I did. Thanks!