Identifying old sensors in a home

I have a lot of different devices in my home, from the prior owners. I can I identify what they are? I have no idea what system/hub the prior owners were using. I think it was a full system like ADT or something. Some of the sensors look like motion sensors, that are egg shaped. Some are contact sensors on most of the doors and windows with no markings at all. I had given up on figuring out what they were, and how I could use them. However, yesterday I found a motion sensor outside on the front porch. It had the name Eria on it, so I was able to find the manual, reset it, and attach it to my Echo Show. I've not figured out how to connect it to hubitat yet. I saw it was a zigbee device, which I'm familiar with now. So now, I'm wondering if the others are zigbee as well, and how can I figure out what the other devices are, and if/how I can use them in my new system. The only marking I found on the egg shaped sensors was inside on the circuit board it was marked RoHS, which is some kind of standard. Any ideas how I can figure out what these are? Are there standard ways to reset and activate motion sensors? Maybe I can get lucky, and echo or hubitat will be able to find them? Thanks for any help.

And yes, I've spent hours searching google images for the egg shaped sensors. I thought I would easily be able to find luck. The contact sensors all look the same to me.

Since you can't find any markings on them, I suppose the only thing left is to post an image and hope someone here (or Reddit or wherever you think you might have some luck) happens to know. :smiley:

A Zigbee device (at least ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0) should pair to Hubitat, though it may or may not work without a good driver. This, of course, depends on you being lucky enough that they're Zigbee in the first place and figuring out how to reset the device to pair it. Often there's a button you can hold or press so many times, or hold while inserting the battery, or various other techniques manufacturers make you use. But, again...all depends on them actually being Zigbee and being able to figure any of this out. There are lots of proprietary systems out there, so no guarantees of anything, though the fact that you seem to have found at least one Zigbee device is promising!

This page shows a variety of sensors that have been used by Xfinity systems. At our previous house, this helped me to identify a couple of sensors.

It was fun to solve the puzzle and I was able to pair some of the sensors. Just be prepared for the possibility that you identify them and can pair them, but find that you don't want them. I ended up swapping all of mine due to performance and battery consumption.

Eria was a Zigbee motion sensor marketed by Adurosmart. It looked nice enough and was inexpensive. I bought two and had a variety of problems with them both that caused me to relegate them to the trash bin.

In the worst case, if they're battery-powered they should have a way to remove a cover to replace the battery. You might be able to find a model number or name inside that compartment.

@user2303 At this point I would open the device casings and see whats printed on the inside of the case or on the boards themselves.

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Yes, I couldn't remember who it was this morning when I posted the message...but you just reminded me!! I did think it was xfinity installed at my house for some reason. I saw paperwork or something when I first moved in. So I think it was xfinity...which is why I didn't expect anything to work with any of my hubs...I figured they wouldn't play well with others, and defiantly not with something open like zigbee. Until I found the zigbee motion sensor last night! Which made me think some of the other sensors may be zigbee also! Thanks for the web page. I think you've got me on the right track now!

You're awesome dude! The Visonic NEXT K85 Motion Sensor on that page posted is the egg shaped sensor i was talking about! And the window door sensors look the same...but then don't they all look alike? Thank you for the help!

There are several flavors of Visonic K85 motion sensors. The MP-840 variety works with HE, but I do not recall anyone reporting success with the "NEXT" variety.