IDEA: Randomize dimmer modules

With Halloween (and Christmas) fast approaching, was looking for a way to randomly dim my decorations. Was thinking it would look awesome for the different items attached to dimming modules to randomly slowly dim down (50%) and then back up to full. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this? My first thought is that it would need an app created but I would have no idea on how to do that! Was hoping maybe one of our standout app creators has already created something similar or would be willing to create one? :smiley:

What I had in mind...

  • Be able to select which devices to use
  • Be able to select the ramp rate (how fast they dim and go full)
  • Be able to select how far they can dim per device (some devices will look better at certain levels, some not)
  • Be able to select how fast it goes from one device to the next

Would be great if each device was on it's own two devices could be dimming or going to full at the same time but not starting or stopping at the same time...make sense? Each device being completely independent of each other. Not waiting for one to finish before starting another.

I'm sure some of us remember what Google did last year with the Google Assistants...'Make it spooky'. THIS is what I'm after! lol


To get a start, RM has a random delay option.

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It also has random color.

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App coming soon.... :sunglasses:


App has been released.


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