Icons in names and notifications

So I am not sure how many people here want Icons for their devices or in notifications, but I sure do. (I have a request in with habitat for this, but until then I have a work around and thought I would share incase others don't know about it and want it.

Here are some example of what I have:

Dashboard Lables:

Rule Machine:


Now the way I get that is using text emojis. Ya I know right who would have thought. Here is the link I use to get them:
Just find the one you want click copy and past it into anywhere hubitat will take text. But be aware don't use the emojis in the Device Label ever, Voice commands will stop working as the emoji confuses alexa/google. And don't use it in the Device Name unless you also create a Label without the emoji as seen in my examples.

I did this as it make it easier at a glance to find what I am looking for without having to read everything and I also use them in notification I send myself: example:

:bell: System Armed :bell:

See I can even use them here.

Hope this helps others. Enjoy.


This method does not work for all notification method. For example, if you use the DoNET email/email to text implementation, this method will not work. But it does work with the Join Notification device. So, YMMV.

Have you tried fixing this with device nicknaming in google home? I think that would fix it.

If you're using Windows 10 and have been keeping it updated there's an Emoji picker built in, just type [Windows Key] + '.' or [Windows Key] + ';' That's a period or semi colon. The latest includes special characters and Kamoji's like this one (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ .


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I am aware, just not the same thing. I prefer the color icons, as it make it way easier at a glance to look for items.

I threw a heart and smiley in a rule title and it showed in color, like these :heart::blush: but I'm running an insider skip-ahead preview of Windows so maybe there's something to that.
(that's the PADI - certified diver OK signal)

No, the regular version of windows is color too.

Just a guess, but he may have been thinking of the Wing-Dings font. I don't use the Emoji picker very often but the Clipboard History is incredible. I just wish my company would get off their butts and get us past build 1803. Clipboard history is probably the biggest productivity feature MS has added in the last three years. For those that don't know about it. Go to settings and type clipboard in the search box. Select Clipboard settings, and toggle it on.
Life changing!!!
Don't forget Windows + V to use it.

Ok the windows 10 emoji picker has the same ones in the link I posted. Nothing different. so we both use the same thing just get them in a different way. I use a web page for searching vs click and scroll. But there are not always good ones to pick from. I loke all my devices to have a icon (emoji) as close to what it is as possible but I keep running into things they don't have. The emojies work great for anywhere text can be put and im fine with that, just would love to have real icons that we could even upload our own and use for devices, rules, ect. just as a way to display what the item is. Similar to how ST dows it in their app, just instead in our interface for the devices. and the ability to sour by device Name, not just device Label with the name under it, As there are plenty of items I have that use generic devices, yet I want to distinguish between them using the device name

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