Iblinds rule NEED HELP

I have 11 blinds that I want to close at night and repeat if not closed. I dont know if i should split out the rule 11 times for each device but right now i am trying to make it one rule. this is what i got so far but i cant edit or fix any of the commands.

It might be easier to do with one rule per blinds or at least look cleaner and be easier to edit, but you can certainly do it in one rule. You look like you have the right idea, except one issue is that your blinds are reporting an integer for position while RM is apparently expecting an integer for this, and 0 != 0.0 evaluates to true (it doesn't think they're the same). This may be related to the driver your using, but it could also be an RM issue. What driver are these using, and did you use a "standard" capability or a custom attribute in RM to make these conditions?

Another issue is that you are using XOR (exclusive OR), which will match only if exactly one of the conditions is true. I assume you meant to use regular OR here to catch any number.

Finally, there is a broken action. This may or may not cause a problem but definitely wouldn't do anything. It may have been caises by removing a device from the hub that this action referenced or not filling out all required options for the action. You can remove it and recreate (insert) it if needed.

I should also insert the usual speech: make sure you have a strong Z-Wave network and that a lack thereof isn't the reason for yourself problems. That being said, especially if you have the v2 units, you don't seem to be alone in this occasional problem, so I'm not saying it is...

There may be more too, but this is just what I see at the moment. Good luck!

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I’m using v3 and yeah it looks like I’m going to have to break this up I can’t edit anything it just shows blank as like the 2nd screen shot. It will definitely be a lot easier to fix separately. Thank you!

Can you group them then assign a virtual switch to just command the whole group to close?

V2 devices seem to be very sensitive to orientation relative to structure, hub location, etc. I have several V2 side by side. One periodically quits listening. The other works fine. I find I have to start the calibration routine to get it to listen again. Having them mains powered marginally improves the situation. I am gradually replacing them with V3.

My V3 work much more reliably, although I very occasionally have one ignore/not hear its command. Most of the time resending the command works. Very occasionally it needs a manual close command to get things going again.

I have a 3.1 Beta unit. Now this is really nice. I haven’t had any issues with it at all. It is much quieter than previous versions. It also handles my 6’x6’ blinds with ease.


Agreed. I am looking at rebuilding my One rule to bind them… into several rules and possibly use Simple State Machine states to help manage override actions.

I use the iBlinds too and I have a few building block rules. Each blind gets it's own position rule (with repeat to make sure it happened) based on a Hub Variable change. I use separate rules to set those variables based on whatever... i.e At sunset +30min I set the variables to open (~45%), I have a master override variable that will set them all on demand (via my dashboard) or I can set an individual blinds, etc, etc. It's all been working well and would definitely recommend breaking your setup into multiple smaller more manageable rules.


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