I wish to automate a water bowl

My cats water bowl, outside in NE Fla. grows mossie larvie in less than 24 hours.
I turn it over every day when I get home, but it is swarming with them. I have orbit sprinkler timers. Willing to buy an auromated egg beater! Looking for ideas. Piping the water in, creating an overflow drain, not as pleasent as it seems. Must interface with HE. Any ideas will be concidered.

Not sure how practical or convenient it may be, but would a cheap pump to recirculate some water be an option? Perhaps hooked up to a smart plug of some sort that you could run periodically throughout the day?

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Great idea.
I was visiting Spokane WA some years ago and noticed the restaurant did not have any screens on the windows. I asked and they said there were no bugs! The only surface water they had was a quickly running stream/river. Fast enough no bugs could nest. I would assume algae and moss would be similar.

I would think the pump would have to flow enough water to always have the surface moving.


+1 on this....

My thought would be a small submersible pond pump. You can get them at Lowe's for like $25 and use a power plug on it.

Or for a little more get a "bird bath" fountain. The pump is built in and will circulate the water (hopefully) enough to keep anything from growing in it. Same idea of using a power plug on this as well.


No integration with any hub but it has a submerged water proof pump that runs the water through a carbon filter continuously. You will need to take it apart every so often (for us its between once a month to every 6 weeks) to clean the pump, clean the filtration grill between the front and back, and change the filter.


They can monitor the water level with hubitat :slight_smile:

"they" who?
Pointer for driver?
Is the reservoir sealed? or can I use an automated valve to refill (thru HE)???

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