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I’m replacing some in-wall relays and I have to make a decision. Do I replace with z-wave switches or with Caseta switches… I still have a bunch of z-wave switches so it won’t affect the mesh if I go caseta.

That is actually a tough call. Both are reliable and super fast in Hubitat.
Clear connect probably has a better reach due to it’s lower operating frequency of ~434Mhz, even though it’s not a mesh network.
For each 49 Caseta devices you need another Pro bridge, for each 49 zwave devices up to a total of 231 you need nothing…
Device costs are similar, when compared to a quality zwave dimmer or switch.
Personally I didn’t go the Caseta dimmer route as my preference for dimmers is that they retain their previous level when activated manually. Had that not been the case I would have likely gone that route for all dimmers and switches.
I do have 45 some odd picos and 13 Serena shades, running across two pro bridges. All my dimmers and switches are zwave, controlled by the picos.

So the short from me, if you’re ok with the dimmer function (and most folks are BTW, I’m the odd guy out in that regard) I would go with Caseta.

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I didn’t have much of a choice myself…no neutral wiring in my home, so I had to go with caseta. I’m glad I did. Love them and the fact that you can expand easily and cheaply with picos…fantastic. I highly recommend them but keep in mind that if you want to add it to any automations you would need to buy a separate hub.

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Decent read on clear connect…

Thanks for the replies. I was asking 1. I already have a caseta hub and a few switches/pico’s and I’m replacing the bathroom in-wall relays and the decision was made simple, by asking the wife if she would care if I cut out the wall to install a 3 gang box… the look said it all. So Caseta it is! I have a 2 gang box and 3 switches (fan/fan light) that are horizontal a dual switch design. So I’m putting in the caseta 2 button for that and a dimmer next to it. I snuck in a caseta pro hub as well :blush:

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