I thought music would be simple... Sonos and Spotify and Hubitat

I have 5 rooms with sonos speakers in them.

I would like to be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Turn on and off speakers for each room individually or as groups
  2. Adjust volumes
  3. Select favorite playlists
  4. See currently playing song/playlist on tablet/dashboard


  1. use amazon echo/Alexa to accomplish these tasks

I've added the Sonos Integration app to Hubitat. But I'm having the following issues:

playing each zone only starts the last played song for that zone.

If I have grouped rooms then clicking one room in Hubitat selects other rooms based on last state in sonos app. Control doesn't seem to be discrete.

I see a "URL" based option for playing music, but I can't see any way to actually use that for Spotify which is what my sonos typically plays.

I thought this would be easy in 2021, but I'm really struggling. Appreciate any help.

(other options I have to use would be HOOBs which I have running as well but thought Hubitat would be easier)