I think its Bricked!

My C7 has started taking an hour or more to perform dozens of "resets" after a reboot command or a power failure, gets to blue light and then it goes out for 20 secs then back to blue light, continually. I managed to get a green light up by plugging Ethernet in and out at various moments during reboots but cant log into via web browser, I could ping it. So did soft reset via IP:8081 menu which I assume deletes the database but now in a booting loop that I cant get through with browser. Tried direct addressing with IP:8081 but it never reaches green light so it isn't ready to talk to me. So without a database and no green light I cant do anything, AKA Bricked? Is there any way to recover from this or do I buy another one?
Regards in advance

Did you try another power supply and cable? That's what I would do.


Well I'll be hornswaggled! You're on the ball. It was 2 problems, dodgy power cable plus the mains charger had recently been plugged into an expensive UPS that is allowing too much droop before supplementing its output, so I was getting minor slight brown outs.grrrrr.
I have uploaded a previous backup and now its working.
Many many thanks.


What you are describing sure sounded like the hub wasn't getting enough power during the boot sequence. I'm glad you got it back up and running.


You're dead right. I have been in the electronics industry for 35 years and it would be my normal first thought when working on any of my customers' equipment that had issues, but that part of my brain doesn't seem to operate on weekends. Maybe I'm too old.
Once again thanks for your direction, about to have a wine in celebration.