I subscribed for the " Hub Protect & Remote Admin" but no "cloud backup" option available

Hub shows "Protected" at "Registered Hubs" page and remote admin option works, but when I go to Settings\Backup & Restore the "Cloud Backup" option still shows "Subscribe". And I subscribed a month ago.

Any idea?

Is it like the problem in this thread Remote Admin+Protect bundle is broken, not showing up on hubs correctly ?

Seems different, my hub shows "Protected" on the "Regitered Hubs" and "Remote Admin" is working.... Only no options at the Settings \ Backup & Restore \ Cloud Backup ...

shut down the hub from the settings menu, unplug for 1 minute and bring it back up. See if that resolves it. You should see it at the bottom of the settings>>backup and restore page then

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Followed your instructions for a reboot.... and yes, you are right.... :slight_smile: The cloud backup option is available now....!
I have tried it before, maybe a did the last reboot to close after subscribing...

Thanks again!


Probably the power down helped...


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