I-Phone Geofence - 2 hubs, Different locations

A different Geofence for different hubs at different locations used to work a year ago before Hubitat App build 1.2.3 125, but I have discovered that even then it was not as flexible as Locative. I notified support and gave it six months, but I just tried switching between HUBS at different locations again, and the Hubitat Geofence does not reflect the selected HUB location. I checked that the Hub location is correct in each HUB, the pin on the App can be moved to the correct place in the App but it reverts to the current mobile location. I like the overall Hubitat app but the Geofence feature has been a challenge beyond normal geolocation issues.

I have started using Locative and it supports multiple concurrent hubs, multiple fences, and one or more mobile devices. (I considered Life 360, but Locative has no registering requirements and no personal information requirements.) I set up a wide fence and a smaller fence around the each HUB in case the first fence misses and that has worked a few times. Hubitat Geofence is native to the App, is a bit more basic to set up, and may work okay for one hub or location.

Locative interface takes some thinking, requires a few more steps to set up with the Hubitat Maker API App, but considering the performance and flexibility, I will stick with Locative. (Hubitat App developers - Locative is worth a look)

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In general, the specialized geofencing apps are more versatile in their offerings. The Hubitat mobile app is designed for the majority of users who likely have a single hub (or a single geofence).

Thanks for the reply and I agree. It is just that it was working for two locations and then stopped; that took time to try to trouble shoot, change rules, and eventually find an alternative solution. I have seen a lot of discussion on Geofence issues so wanted to save other users some time and offer that the Locative solution leveraging the Hubitat Maker API has been a stable alternative.

(The Hubitat is such an amazing hub, I would be surprised if we do not see a lot more people owning multiple Hubs at locations such as their cottage and home.) :+1:

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