I-Phone App Ver 1.2.3 Build 125 Recent Upgrade Broke Geofence

I have reported this to support.
I have 2 hubs located at locations a few miles apart. I only have the Geofence and Presence App running to turn on a driveway light. A motion sensor is the primary trigger. Presence has worked enough of the time to be a backup trigger. It only became a problem recently when I discovered that entering the Geofence area on my home hub began turning on a light at the remote hub.

I have an I-phone 12 Pro running IOS 14.8.1 and the App is version 1.2.3 Build 125
I have a C5 Hub at Home and a C7 Hub at another location, both are running
I have Geofence set up on both and zones do not overlap.

For nearly a year everything has been stable. I have been able to switch between Hubs on the App by:
Settings-Select Hub-Choose C7-Select Existing Mobile Device-Open Dashboard (Geofence reflects C7 Location).
and then back again with
Settings-Select Hub-Choose C5-Select Existing Mobile Device-Open Dashboard (Geofence switches to reflect C5 location).

Geofencing,Dashboards and App have all been working.

The newer C7 Hub location currently has a light, two locks and a motion sensor with a few simple rules. Light turns on with motion, lock code and Presence. It has also been working well.
Several days ago I was notified that the light at the C7 location was turning on. I checked the motion sensor logs and the lock logs and nothing lined up with the on time in the light log.
Then I checked the Geofence and discovered the App had just updated and nothing else had changed.
The following are some of the behaviors since the update:

  1. Consistently the Geofence location will no longer change when switching hubs using select hub. I am outside of the the C7 location but it says present based on the C5 Geofence. The pin on the map says C5 but it is now showing at the C7 location.

  2. When switching by using select hub to C7 from C5 (or vice versa) the Geofence map sometimes would stay blue and not update.

  3. There were some other behaviors such as the pin moving to my current physical location when on LTE between hubs.

  4. A couple of times I had received notifications "locationmanager paused" or "locationmanager resumed".

I have tried updating location settings in the HUB, rebooting hubs, deleting and reinstalling app. I had managed to reverse the behavior so the pin was stuck at C7 location.

(I upgraded I-phone to IOS 15.1 no difference. Just updated C5 Hub to no change.)

I am not depending on Geofence for anything critical, so I am not going to invest any more time into it at the moment. I have turned it off for now. However since the issue did begin coincidentally with the App update I wanted to communicate the problem.

(Note: Last year I did have Geofence Presence App problems when I upgraded my I-phone from an 8 to a 12; this was resolved. I can't be sure if Hub and Phone upgrades solved the problem or the hours I spent making changes (uninstalling app, deleting device on hub, rebooting hub and router, reinstalling app, changing phone settings - WiFi private MAC address off, and resetting location and privacy)

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