I need an outdoor electronic height adjustable desk to set a grill top on

I’m in a wheelchair but the other users aren’t. I need a solution. Any ideas?

I have not seen one specifically outdoor rated to begin with. But maybe an indoor one could be modified with some rubber seals or such.

Wow what a great idea! Outdoor proofing a desk might be hard or easy depending on where you live. Grill proofing it depends on what kind of grill you have. The heat from a grill is around 500°, which isn’t going to be kind to electric switches or motors.

I’m skeptical that you’ll find a desk rated for outdoor, but if you’re handy, linear actuators are the muscle that adjustable height desks are based around. Progressive automations sells bare actuators and small kits which you can integrate into projects. It depends on how DIY you want to get.

The fully.com desk I’ve used can be purchased without the top, and the legs are very capable lifters. The benefit of buying the legs as a kit is that you get the buttons and electrical all sorted out already. But you’d have to take some care to package that stuff in a way that’s more tolerant of the outdoors. Their legs also go down a few inches further than any other I’ve found, which may be important for your design.

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I don't have any leads on existing furniture but some questions to help are charcoal, gas or electric? Flattop (griddle) or Grill? . Gas has all that plumbing to deal with. It might be easy to cut down a Weber Chargoal grill to chair height, then figure how what is needed to raise it to standing height and how to stabilize it.

Have you integrated any of those progressive automation actuators? Or know where i can go to see how its done?