I need a doorbell chime, but

...it seems that my use case is 'unusual'.
I have just installed a Foscam VD1 video doorbell at the gate - which is 80 metres from the house. I chose this one because it works with an ethernet cable (which I had already installed at the gate) - and the gate is too far for a wifi-only doorbell.
It works well - we get notified pretty quickly on our mobile phones (via the house wifi) when someone is at the gate.
But, we would like to add a wifi connected chime inside the house. This is NOT a wifi chime which is paired via wifi with the gate doorbell - there are thousands of these available, but the gate is just too far away for this.
It IS a chime which is connected to the house wifi.
And it is not a chime which is connected to an existing chime in the house - we don't have one.
Any ideas?

I guess you have no link to HE, with this doorbell? You need something to link the chime and doorbell. IPhone automations will allow you to open a URL when you receive a message or email from a specific contact, don't know if Android has something similar but I imagine they do.

So if your message from your doorbell can be linked in an automation you can use a end point trigger to do something in HE. Speak on an Alexa or google device, or chime a speaker.

Thanks - an interesting idea.
I guess at some point I will have to go down the Hubitat route, but TBH I was really looking for something a bit more basic - like all those commercially available chimes which can be linked via wifi to the actual doorbell, but instead, linked to (and activated via) the house wifi.

As an aside... it's funny that 95% of the video doorbells available are wifi only, and assume that you are either replacing an existing 2-wire doorbell and chime, or have a good wifi signal at your gate/door. I have neither.

@richard-brown I don't own one of these doorbells so have zero experience but did a quick search and it appears via Foscam software you can call a URL on an alarm. You might explore this along with the Maker API to update a virtual switch which will then alert you via Google Home/Amazon Alexa or whatever HE can integrate with. Found this information via Home Assistance community:

I don't have this door bell either but it looks to have Alexa so another option is to link it with Alexa.
Use Alexa routine to turn on Hubitat virtual switch when your doorbell ringing or ring your compatible bell. @ritchierich method is better since it's most likely local processing instead of cloud with Alexa.

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If the doorbell can call a URL when activated like @ritchierich mentioned, this seems like a great use case for Hubitat. A rule machine URL endpoint can trigger a z-wave chime when called by the doorbell.

It sounds like OP either needs a home automation hub of some sort, or an ethernet-connected device running a web server, to meet this need.

Good idea. Yes, the doorbell can send an http message.

Instead of buying a separate chime, I would like to play a sound or recording on an Android tablet. I have found an app which responds to an HTTP Get messages to launch android apps (Remote App Launch). The message has to specify the app's package name. This seems ideal.
Only one problem remains...
Which Android app can I use which, when launched, will play a particular recording/sound without the user having to choose what to play? All the one's I have looked at seem to require some sort of human input before playing.
Can anyone help?