I’m migrating 4 to 7 how do I get Alexa onto the new hub

I’m trying to be as painless as possible, like getting punched while a tooth extraction is in process. I’m running both hubs and migrated all the zigbee and have all those devices and groups working on C7. The old hub is running all the Zwave. Before I create a problem that I shouldn’t what is the best way to have Alexa now work on the new hub and off the old hub. Since only my zigbee devices are voice controlled, the Wife won’t even know I swapped hubs if I can get Alexa on C7 then worry later about the zwave migration.

What I would do is remove and unlink the Alexa skill from your first hub, then link it (thus adding the skill) to the second. To do this:

  1. Log into your Amazon/Alexa account in either the Alexa app or alexa.amazon.com
  2. Disable the "Hubitat" skill (in the web inteface, this is Smart Home > Smart Home Skills > Hubitat > Disable Skill, but it may be slightly different depending on how you're viewing your account).
  3. Remove the Alexa Skill app from your first hub via the usual Hubitat app removal methods: Apps > Alexa Skill > Remove.
  4. Make sure that all your "old" Hubitat devices are removed from your Alexa devices. The above is pretty thorough (and honestly both parts might not be necessary) and should cover it, but if something goes wrong, this is where it would be--and having Alexa tell you there are two devices with the same name and she doesn't know what to do would be bad. :slight_smile:
  5. Add the Alexa Skill app to your new hub and link it to your account, add the desired devices, etc., in the usual way. See here if you don't remember how you originally did that: Amazon Echo Skill - Hubitat Documentation

Basically, the only things that can go wrong are that I don't think you can have to Hubitats linked to the same Alexa account, and you want to avoid duplicate device names from both hubs, so I'd remove the old one first.

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Got it, mostly all good. Found that I needed to remove - add all the devices back into the Hubitat groups and hit done to get them back working which was just check, uncheck and done. It may have sorted itself out over time. So not bad, for 52 zigbee devices moved and working automated and voice. Now I just have 8 zwave devices to move, but that will be another day and I’ll follow the posted info to do that.