I’m having a great time with HE

In addition to the Smartly add-on that @dylan.c mentioned there are at least four other choices that are linked to below:

All four of those developers: @bill.venhaus , @jpage4500, @good.looking.blues, and @kewashi are super responsive to questions

Hope this helps!


Thanks @aaiyar for the links, looks like some good quality stuff to check out!

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My HousePanel dashboard has gone dormant these days but I still personally use it in my home. The version posted here still works great. If you try it out, let me know. With all that said, the built-in HE dashboards have gotten good enough these days that you probably don't need it unless you just gotta have the sophisticated customizations that are built into HousePanel. I use it because I'm all set up and am used to it. It does require a rPI to install and configure.


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