I just want to see if anybody knows of a Wi-Fi ice maker

Does anybody know of a countertop Wi-Fi ice maker? In the $200 to $300 range.

eBay has several used GE Opal ice makers in your price range, WiFi management with their Smart HQ platform. There is a good Hubitat (community) integration for the GE Smart HQ system. Search eBay for XPIO13SCSS.

Now, my GE Refrigerator’s ice maker is coupled into its Smart HQ system (along with the Keurig coffee maker in the door), but the refrigerator is a bit big to go countertop, and it’s certainly not in your price constraints.

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Curiosity piqued... what can you do with a Wi-Fi ice maker?

Govee makes a smart Ice Maker as well.

Unfortunately I can't say much about it other then that.

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Is your way to add Wi-Fi to an ice maker that's countertop so I can control the water flow and always have ice when I need it. See the level of ice.
A bunch of the $100 ones that are countertop ice makers or garbage they burn up real quick if you leave and run 24/7 if you don't the ice melts quickly.

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Here is the Govee one.

Govee Life Smart Countertop Ice Makers, Self-Cleaning, Portable Ice Maker Works with Alexa, 9 Cubes Ready in 6min, 26lbs/24H, for Home Kitchen Party Camping, With Ice Scoop Ice Basket Stainless Silver https://a.co/d/cTb3r1S

I dont think it is intended to be left on all the time though. But from what they say it makes ice fairly quickly. Doesn't sound like a perfect fit. It would require you to add water periodically.

I don't mind adding water periodically I don't have an ice maker in my condo and can't afford to buy a new fridge with one built in.

The only one to get is the GE Opal 2.0. It is more expensive than your budget, but you get what you pay for. Also, if you supply it good water it will last longer.

I can see/control my Opal from HE. Not much to control really, light and on/off. I have ours set on a schedule and the only thing I have to do is add water when needed and clean it when required.

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add-on icemaker units and tubing are not expensive. If you can do the labor then it's probably less than $150. You would need to add a line tap like " Sioux Chief Add-A-Line 5/8 in. Brass Compression Ball Valve Full Port". I would avoid the side-tap whatever they are called like " Sioux Chief® 1/4" Compression Brass Self-Tap Saddle Valve".

Only if you can give up some freezer space.

Any dumb ice maker, a switchbot bot (think Aqara finally made a Zigbee one, no idea if it works), and a power monitoring plug. Use mirror app between the bot and the plug. When plug turns on the bot clicks the on button, same for off. You will know if it is running based on power usage. I have been doing this for more than a year now.

Before my wife retired, the law firm where she worked went through several brands of stand alone ice makers. They were all junk. One of the partners bought one for about $900 that did a decent job.

Brand? And did they try the GE Opal 2? I have been very impressed with the GE parts and repair network (and reliability).

Don’t know the brands they tried.

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