I have an idea, just not sure how to make it work

I have an inoveli on/off red series switch in my garage (Wired to the overhead bulb) along with an led shop light that is on a honeywell zwave outlet. Both at currently set up on an motion lighting rule that works well. The probelm I have is if i am working in the garage eventually it times out and the lights shut off. I know thaere has to be a way to override it, but I can't figure out how to do that. Additionally I would like to be able to turn on both the overhead light, as well as the shop light (plugged into the Honeywell outlet) with the switch. is that possible? It seems it should be, but I can't seem to wrap my head around how. please help? I am away from my hub know, but when I get home this afternoon I can add a screen shot of the simple motion rule I currently have.

You could do this in simple lighting. Motion active turn on shop and over head lights. Turn off when motion is inactive for x minutes. I have the same for my laundry room. If your on triggers differ from your off triggers, the you will need to use RM4 or two simple lighting rules to cover on and off. I have some in both, but my other lighting rules are too complicated to use as an example here. I feel like Simple lighting would be the way to go for this one. You can treat the smart plug as a switch.
If the lights are shutting off on you, add another motion sensor to your bench. I have a motion sensor on my desk watching my keyboard and it keeps everything on when I'm working. It's an iris Motion. Version 2 I think. I'm big on motion sensors, though. I have 6 in my kitchen/dining to keep us lit when we're in there. Works great!

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I use a Samsung button and a global variable to create an override flag for my illuminance based lighting.

Basically, when pushed, the button sets the override variable to true, and turns on the lights.

If override is already true, it turns off the lights.

The illuminance rule checks the global variable, and modifies its behavior based on the variable state.

I've still got some logic to nail down, and presently I sometimes end up in a weird state, but all-in-all, this approach works.


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