I have an electrician coming out tomorrow to replace 3 dimmers with zooz ones

I’m paying $125, is that about fair?

I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to be able to gauge that for you. How complicated is the current setup? What are going rates in your area (obviously living it a city or rural area have varying rates)

Have you looked into doing it yourself? There are nice instructions included with the Zooz switches (like these: 3-Way Diagrams for ZEN21, ZEN22, ZEN23, and ZEN24 VER. 2.0 / 3.0 Switches - Zooz)

Know anyone local that could offer a helping hand?

Sounds fair to me.


Sounds fair to me, also.

My experience with both electricians and plumbers is that they always charge at least $100, and usually more, to come out for anything.


Replacing a switch is a 5 minute job. Your only issue would be if the zooz devices require a neutral and your switch boxes don't have one. Adding a neutral could be a much larger and more expensive project.
If you envision adding more switches to your home automation platform, I would watch the electrician closely, get a non contact electrical tester, watch Youtube how-tos and do them yourself.

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Yup. And much more than $125. The other complication is if you plan to use the Zooz switches in 3-way configurations with non-smart switches. It may require some conductor reconfiguration.

I tried it one time, and failed. So I went with Caseta switches and remotes.


Sounds like an estimated price. Houses are full of surprises. Brace yourself!


Let us know how it goes...my experiences with Electricians and smart switches have been illuminating to say the least...lol

Ask the electrician, while he's doing it,
"How do you know that wire is neutral?"
I'd be curious what his response it.

I tell my client " I know it's a neutral wire because I checked and confirmed with my multimeter. Would you want me to show you a quick way to check it?"
It's actually quite simple to find the neutral even when it's not at the switch box by simply disconnect the wire at the dark terminal at the switch or remove the bulb and find the line hot first using the ground as a reference.

It was $125, but I kinda regret it. I used zooz dimmers to control a hue bulb, and it’s slowwww

Do some logging and see if you can identify any indication using the timestamps of where it's getting slowed down

That's a reality with dimmer. It's slower for status but you get to dim the bulb with it. An on/off switch is quicker but no dimming. I use pico to control my smart bulbs and it's quite magical.

I wish I knew

You're directly dimming the Hues with the Zooz Dimmer?

That seems a little unusual to me. You've got me scratching my head saying "Hunh???"

The Hue's are meant to dim via their own internal circuitry...Hubitat can directly dim them through the Hue integration, or if you have them directly connected to the Hubitat the hubitat treats them as Zigbee bulbs and can directly dim them as well.

If you just want to have a wall dimmer, it would seem better to use a Hue Dimmer switch. If you just want dimmable bulbs via dimmer switch, then it would seem that regular dimmable LED bulbs would be a better option for you.

I might be barking up the wrong tree though, and totally misunderstanding your use case...if so, my apologies.

I’m actually not dimming at all. I disable the relay and made up a scene and down an off scene

AHA...that's the piece I was missing. OK, I get it now.

Seems strange you'd be getting such a delay, I saw your post about 1.5 seconds. Thats crazy.


Try the Mirror app it maybe faster.

It’s WAY worse

Did you look at the Lutron Aurora?