I have 2 Hubitat C8's with 2 Lutron Smart Bridge Pro's can I connect 2 hubitats to the same Bridge?

As the title indicates I have 2 C8's and want to attach to 2 Lutron Smart Bridges, Will this work or do I need to keep both Lutron's on 1 and use Hub Mesh? It would add a little delay. Or should I create a seperate connection in each C8 and have 1 Smart Bridge on 1 and the other going to the other C8, that would minimize having to use mesh.

You can also connect both Lutron bridges to both C-8s.


I bring one Lutron Bridge into two Hubitats. It works without any apparent issues.

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One of the Hubitats updates when I add a another dimmer the other one doesn't, weird. I add it to both Lutron integrators. When i try to use newly added device it keeps going offline in room lighting.

I run two Lutron hubs on one C8 without any issues.


Ok, now it is really getting weird. I added some Caseta devices to one of my Lutron Smart Hubs, added to each instance in the Lutron integrator and it only shows up on one of the Hubitats C8's. The devices were added to both, but one of the C8's will not show state and I can't control them.