I have 1 C-4 and 1 C-5 Hub on the fence about buying C-7

Very nice, now we just need the hub protection auto restore feature. I'm assuming you manually reconnected your devices when attached to your C7? Ouch, I bet that was time consuming. ;-(

Yep tell me about it, i basically rebuilt the C7. Manually migrated rules , apps etc. I was aware of a backup / restore with some manual way of moving devices around but I said I’ll take this opportunity to clean up rules. The hub connect app really helped as I could push the migrated devices back to the old hub (C5) while I was still migrating to the C7.

Aeotec have a handy feature of switching the external switch on / off 3 times to trigger an exclusion. The last 3 Aeotec switches I had to reset manually I suspect they lost the path back to the hub after I removed some key devices. They are back working fine now after joining back.

Also the C7 hub will now show you the routing path to each device, it’s a small feature (I’m sure more will follow) but if you need to test performance problems at least it will point you in the direction of the devices you might need to test.


I absolutely love this page! The individual Node Repair + logs in another tab help me resolve routing issues and/or maybe detect flaky or badly paired devices. Not perfect and I am likely misinterpreting some things but I would rather have the information than not.

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Same , small feature and probably something the hubitat guys don’t really market but for debugging / troubleshooting it’s invaluable.

I have my C3(?) in a network rack and being the UK version both the zigbee and zwave radios are external and run to outside the rack over usb cables. I guess with the C7 this is a drawback and I’ll have to have the hub outside the rack to ensure a good signal. Can you still use external zwave and zigbee sticks ?

Or maybe it’s just a matter of having repeaters very close by to the hub?

I believe you can with a special splitter cable but it would defeat the purpose of the C7. You wouldn't get the new z-wave features and the back up service coming, wouldn't work either.

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It's my understanding that the C-7 has series 700 code and none of the series 500 code. My memory of this is that someone asked if they could move their C-4 external radios to a C-7.

I just removed my C7 and put my C4 back in. IMHO not ready to be released, lots of bugs, and I have emails into support for weeks with no answers. I asked to return it but no answer on that either...

I’m not really sure if I got one of the bad C-7s myself but since I put all my physical zigbee devices on my C-7 from my C-4 my zigbee devices seem to react slower as a test I put them back on the C-4 and everything returned to perfect my mesh is rock solid but things are slower for me anyway on the C-7

I have migrated two family C-4's to the C-7's and they are working just fine. I have also done two Vera's to C-7's that haven't had new devices added in a couple of years. And so far 4 SmartThings migrations to C-7's with a planned 2 well integrated SmarThings Hub's on a farm to 2 C-7's.

As long as you follow the best practices of migrating devices, slow, sectional spiraled out from the hub the mesh builds well. What I am finding is after adding a group of devices in the lobe wait an hour for things to settle and then continue on.

With so many devices on the market, and so many different ways to integrate and apply rules every implementation is different and the root causes of slowness can be attributed to many things, poor mesh build, misbehaving device driver or application, network, internet etc.

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I emailed orders@hubitat.com they got me a return label next business day

Is this the case? I am looking into running my c4 radio on my c7...is it possible ? Long story short my C7 lacked compatibility with alot of my legacy devices so I grabbed a c4. c4 works well with my devices yet isnt stable at all, it requires frequent reboots. I did read the CPU/Memory is the same C4vsC7 ??

I got the label a few days later and shipped it back.
Still trying to recover a bit from the mess it made here, Still have one GE/Jasco light, GE/Jasco Outlet C4 can't seem to find and my AEON Multi-sensor pairs but can't get any info on my dashboards. What a mess.

C-4's running 64-bit JVM which could impact performance in terms of resources/overhead.

I'm in the process of migrating my 2 C-4 hubs over to a C-7 and maybe a C-5 for Zigbee.

Can I ask....why so many hubs ? I have around 60 devices only a hand full of automations and apps. Is the distributed model better ? I would have liked to put my C4 radio in my C7

The short answer is I used multiple hubs to split the resource load and help with device range issues. HubConnect was the key at first but later switched to Node-RED.

I have 3 hubs currently by location - C-4 Main Hub covers first floor and basement, C-4 Upstairs hub covers upstairs, C-5 "control" hub handles (or did) cloud apps like Alexa and misc stuff like Lutron etc as well as coordinating modes and certain virtual switches between hubs.

My current plan is to migrate off the C-4s consolidating all the Z-Wave devices to my new C-7 and migrate my Zigbee devices to my C-5 (since the ZB radios are essentially the same between models). With Node-RED I've been able to move all my rules off the hubs so am reducing hub resource usage even further.

Here are some threads I started from Jan 19

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I don't have an issue with range I have enough hardwired devices where my mesh is solid. Although I wouldn't mind using 2 to offload some things. I see some folks here have extensive dashboards with are likely resource intensive. I am also graphing my memory usage it appears all hell breaks loose when memory hit sub 100. Do you recommend Node-RED as the best multi hub app ?

Yes I recommend NR, I like the visual flow paradigm and it is incredibly flexible/powerful - HE Nodes are amazing. You can easily integrate many other systems as well. Having said that it's not for everyone but definitely worth a look. Check out the HE community Node-RED forums..

In terms of the "best"? Well that depends on your use-case. HubConnect is awesome too but more directly tied in with Hubitat hubs and SmartThings stuff.

I am still thinking about my hub layout scheme - I really did like having multiple hubs by location. If one hub went offline it did not affect the other.

So I broke down and purchased my C-7 on Cyber Monday, I have off all next week and I thought I would have fun moving everything over.