I Found a Rules Bug

I have two rules that pertain to a Hue bulb and we just recently noticed an issue. The first rule turns on the Hue bulb at night only when motion is detected and then turns the light off one minute after motion ends. The second rule just toggles the same hue bulb if a button is pushed. If you toggle the light on with the button during hours that the first rule is not active the light turns off after one minute. If I disable the first rule the Hue bulb remains on after it is turned on with the button. How can the first rule interfere with the second rule when it is not supposed to be active? Rules are posted below:

Rule 1

Rule 2

That's not a bug; that's how Motion Lighting is designed to work. You only restricted the "on" half of your automation. The "off" half will run unless it, too, is restricted. The power you get here is that you can restrict both separately, so, for example, you can still make the lights turn off even if Motion Lighting didn't turn them on (say, because it's outside the timeframe).

But since that's not what you want: you can address this issue by restricting the "off" half of your automation, too. Analagous to what you did for the "on" side, this is under Options for Additional Sensors, Lights-Off and Off options, then you'll find Don't turn off between two times -- or whatever other options you want to try to make this work how you want.

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I just made that change to the rule. I don't recall all of those options being available when I first wrote the rule. Maybe they were, IDK. But it seems that when I initially set it up a long time ago the times were set to make the rule active or inactive. Did an update to motion lighting maybe change that? It wasn't turning the light off when turned on with the button before.

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I think it's been that way since the beginning, but the UI is organized a bit differently now than in the past.

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