I feel at home!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say hello and give a collective back slapping as I've recently discovered how good Hubitat is compared to smartthings and home assistant. I'm absolutely loving this thing and its conditional rule abilities. So anyway, thanks to those who support the project in any way shape or form. A new user here who's very happy (and glad to finally be able to turn his back on popcorning lights)!


Yes and now you have loads of free time not maintaining Home Assistant, lol

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Home Assistant, the platform that assumes you love to flash firmware, get down to the bit level of every parameter, and watch every YouTube video to squeeze out that last bit of functionality that should have been there in the first place. But HA is very powerful and wielding that power requires a lot of investment.

Welcome to the community! I'm happy to hear that your migration was everything you imagined. I look forward to reading about your next automation.
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~and so it begins~


Not to mention spending days fixing all those regular breaking changes...

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